A few talents, some outreach, and a big share of grace.

Like a lot of others, I’ve felt a stirring to contribute in some way or other to Church and specifically, through the ministry I’m serving at now, especially since I completed a run through Landings just last year. It’s actually pretty easy to be invested to help in all areas of Landings – there are [...]



Well a couple of strange rash / blisters appeared around his chin and nose and he complained he had an ulcer which i couldn't really see. So we sent him off to Mount Alvernia as it was Sunday afternoon and the clinics were closed. The doc said it was a suspected case of HFMD but [...]

June Holidays

Made it through half a year with the boy in P1. Here's my report card for him. Things to be grateful for: -He's pretty good at the school work and following instructions -His Mandarin is already better than mine thanks to Berries. Not that he likes it, but at least he's surviving it.. -He's made [...]

Return, resign, retreat…

L's mum has also done her tour of duty and left us. She was a big help and we do miss her presence.Without her its hard for us to just run simple errands together etc as we'd have to plan to go out with the whole family, baby and all. So i guess now its [...]

Mum’s the word

After a month of not having much help around the house, L's mum has come round to visit and will stay a couple of months.Truly appreciate this visit as it gives them much time to bond over a new grandchild and help each other out. Its also hopefully refreshing for her as she takes a [...]

Nanny come, nanny go…

A month has passed and the official confinement period is over. We had a nanny over for help and she was indeed a good help. Cooked well but she was just so-so with the baby, wouldn't say she was an expert in baby issues 😛 Nonetheless any extra help was greatly appreciated. We started off [...]