The Call

It finally happened. I thought it was too early but after mass today, J was talking to my mum intently about something and she was scribbling it down on a piece of paper. Apparently during the eucharistic consecration part of the mass, he saw a vision in church. It had to do with a bright [...]


God Connects

A colleague-friend just messaged me 2 days ago out of the blue to pray for her ailing father in hospital. She was reminded somehow of me speaking of the Divine Mercy and wanted my mum's help to pray for him. Meanwhile 2 months ago, my mum was given a message to pray for a William [...]


So we've locked in the designer and bought a flooring package. After taking a day-off work and getting the designers, flooring guy, electrician and plumber to go do their measurements at the new place, we were presented with the first hiccup. Apparently the existing floor tiles had a protruding pattern and hence this will be [...]