Fitful 2017

Life is hectic again and i haven't blogged for like 2 months straight.. so many things happening this year: Liz got febrile fits twice! The first time her school rushed her to the neighbourhood doctor and he recommended we go to a hospital as its the first attack, the hospital doc said she should stay the [...]


December Downtime

Finally taking a long break this year as I had been saving my leave ever since the birth of Liz. So i get to spend 2 weeks at the end-of-the year just hanging and being a family man. Been a fairly hectic year with the baby and work and time just flies by. Liz is [...]

Return, resign, retreat…

L's mum has also done her tour of duty and left us. She was a big help and we do miss her presence.Without her its hard for us to just run simple errands together etc as we'd have to plan to go out with the whole family, baby and all. So i guess now its [...]


This year has totally been a Landings year for me. Finished the 10-week program in the early part of the year. Joined their Monday community sessions. Started playing guitar for the sessions and also revamped their website. But the hardest task is to get up on stage to tell my faith story. I did it [...]

Busy bee

So long since my last post. Anyway have been busy at work as usual with system cutovers / people leaving / people coming in / getting used to the new boss and style of working etc On the church front, have picked up more tasks in the Landing's community. Have started attending the Monday sessions [...]


"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." (Matthew 11 : 29) That's God's message to me which i got from the Landings retreat 2 weekends ago. Its also the response in yesterday's mass celebrating the feast day of [...]