The Call

It finally happened. I thought it was too early but after mass today, J was talking to my mum intently about something and she was scribbling it down on a piece of paper. Apparently during the eucharistic consecration part of the mass, he saw a vision in church. It had to do with a bright [...]

Fitful 2017

Life is hectic again and i haven't blogged for like 2 months straight.. so many things happening this year: Liz got febrile fits twice! The first time her school rushed her to the neighbourhood doctor and he recommended we go to a hospital as its the first attack, the hospital doc said she should stay the [...]

December Downtime

Finally taking a long break this year as I had been saving my leave ever since the birth of Liz. So i get to spend 2 weeks at the end-of-the year just hanging and being a family man. Been a fairly hectic year with the baby and work and time just flies by. Liz is [...]


Well a couple of strange rash / blisters appeared around his chin and nose and he complained he had an ulcer which i couldn't really see. So we sent him off to Mount Alvernia as it was Sunday afternoon and the clinics were closed. The doc said it was a suspected case of HFMD but [...]

June Holidays

Made it through half a year with the boy in P1. Here's my report card for him. Things to be grateful for: -He's pretty good at the school work and following instructions -His Mandarin is already better than mine thanks to Berries. Not that he likes it, but at least he's surviving it.. -He's made [...]

Doctor doctor…

Took a day off to bring L to her gynae appointment as well as Je-in to his follow-up to his asthma diagnosis. Thankfully results have been good on both end! The baby is now clocking in at 2KG. Still in the 20-30 percentile but within the healthy zone. Je-in also did a lung function test [...]

Busy bee

So long since my last post. Anyway have been busy at work as usual with system cutovers / people leaving / people coming in / getting used to the new boss and style of working etc On the church front, have picked up more tasks in the Landing's community. Have started attending the Monday sessions [...]