Ok I guess we're done with the move. Pics here. The only outstanding item now is the window blinds which came in the wrong color for the rooms, so the vendor has to come over again when he has the stock imported from Korea. Have been on leave the past 2 weeks and boy was [...]


What a week!

The week started out as expected I guess, we both took leave and started to pack for the big move..We were excited definitely, of getting our own pad and starting life all over again. Tuesday, the packers came by and spent about 4 hours packing our lives into 75 cartons (I really recommend engaging the [...]

Almost there…

The contractors have been wrapping up most of the activities this week. You can see the place coming to life now.. No major rectifications so far after the aircon guys redid some of the trunking which wasn't to our liking. Only outstanding items we're still tracking is: -Alternating lights for the living room seem to [...]