321 go…

We went for the first appointment with HDB yesterday. Thus begins the journey of getting our new place. The completion of the paperwork will be sometime in July and hopefully by Sept / Oct we'll be able to move in to the new home. Having gone through one interior design project on the current flat, [...]



Je-in turned five couple of days back and its been the most elaborate birthday we've ever done! It started the weekend before where we brought him to a bike shop to pick out a proper bicycle for him as the current one is more of a trainer-bike without any pedals. Then on the actual day, [...]

Enter sandman

The labour day holiday turned out to be pretty fruitful for us. L went back to her hometown to catch-up with family, and I spent the day out with Je-in. He's been pretty afraid of the beach and sand in the past few times we brought him out there. It's probably due to the OCD-ness [...]